Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Zone Christmas Conference Dec 19th

This is President and Sister Miles. They are so great and we feel very comfortable around them.
Rick was pretty good on the chimes during our singing. Pres. Mile's Counselor is next to him.
We got to do another white elephant game. I got mini candles and dad got some chocolate.
Some of us Sisters.
We are with The Strongs from Bountiful.  They are serving in Vienna with the JAE's just like we are in Graz. They are the only other Senior couple in our Zone. They leave in May for home.
Sorry its blurry but I snapped it from the car while Rick was driving. This is a street scene in Vienna. (Wien) is about 2 hours drive from Graz.

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The Tews said...

Looks like a fun conference - what did you give for your White Elephant Gifts?