Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Ward Christmas Party Dec.14th

 The JAE's were responsible for decorating the cultural hall for the party so we came the night before to set up.
Folding the napkins 
 It looked fabulous and ready to go.
 A great time with a lovely program first in the chapel then lots of soups and desserts after.

Had to snap a pic of Elder Christensen who reminds me of Brady and Sisters Judd & Regnier with Anna on the far left. She is a new convert and preparing for a mission.


Lindsey said...

I'm impressed! The chapel looked beautiful, and those were some spiffy napkins! Myah saw the picture of you and dad and she said, "gamma-gampa...so happy!" You both do look so happy; that's a great picture of you both!

Sylvia said...

So fun to read about your missionary adventures. You both look so good, and so happy.