Friday, December 13, 2013

Enjoying the season in downtown Graz

 These are Christmas Kiosk houses set up to sell  food, wood ornaments, roasted chestnuts and stuff. They are here at the center platz and it was fun to just walk around and see the culture there.
This is where I bought a little Christmas wooden star with the nativity on it.  
 We found where the Nativity ice sculpture is. It is huge, almost life size. This is inside some kind of a couryard. Very beautiful. And yes, even though it is cold out, the sculpture is melting. There is a drain on the floor by the lights. I am sure it is gorgeous at night with those lights on.

The back view.  


Lindsey said...

Wow, that ice nativity is absolutely amazing! And those little house shops are so cute.

The Tews said...

I want to go shopping there! Love little shops like that. The ice sculpture is lovely. It's amazing they can get the figures to be so smooth.