Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our excursion to Schlossberg in Graz

 We had an activity with our District on their Monday Pday up to the Clock tower and Schlossberg. No, we didn't hike up all the steps to the top but rather took an elevator up a shaft in the mountain. We will wait till it gets warmer to do the steps. This is the sight from further up, close to the fortress. 
 Schlossberg.(Castle Mountain) This is the fortress that the warriors protected the city of Graz from Napoleon's army. It is located not far from city center.
 One of the entrances to the fortress.
 Some of our Missionary District. Two of our Elders did't come today. What a great lion statue.

 Oops, blurry. We rode the tram down the mountain.
A great adventure !


Megan Hansen said...

It's about TIME you made it to the clock tower. So fun to see all the peeps serving in your district.

Lindsey said...

That's neat to think about the history of that Castle. I like the picture of all the missionaries. You look cute in your hat, Mom!

The Tews said...

What fun adventures...that tram thing looks cool.