Sunday, December 1, 2013

Some pics of our Graz Young Adult Group

 A blanket game for FHE.  Anna is far left and was baptized mid Oct. She is from Russia and is working here as a nanny.
 This is the Young Adult room downstairs in the church where they meet for Sunday School Class,  FHE, Institute, and Indoor Activities including Friday waffle night.
 Baldur, Marlene, and I are making stress balls to give out for Christmas Advent. They are supposed to help with stress as you squeeze them. We painstakingly filled heavy balloons with flour through plastic soda bottle tops.  It worked and we made 27 of them.
 Advent wreath making activity on Nov. 30th. 
 We made wreaths out of heavy paper and covered them with these beautiful pine boughs cut from Marlene's tree using wire.
Some of our finished ones.  Elder and Sister Tew didn't bring the four candles you are supposed to secure on the wreath so you can light one every Sunday before Christmas. 


Lindsey said...

Those wreaths turned out really cute! Good job!

Megan Hansen said...

Rick's wreath-making face is classic. Looking great, Joey! Wow--lots of activities, lots of awesome peeps, lots of hard work, and hopefully lots of good times. Love you both!

The Tews said...

Those stress things are a good idea...not too expensive but sounds like a labor of love! The advent wreath is a neat tradition.