Friday, December 27, 2013

Our Visit To The Chocolate Factory!

So, we actually are in a chocolate lover's dream!! On P-day our ward Mission Leader Bernhard Kober took all of us missionaries in Graz to the famous Chocolate Factory about an hour away.  Elder Christensen and I are deciding which dark chocolate is the best. They give you a porcelain spoon about a tablespoon size and once you pay the entrance fee of 14 euros, you can eat or drink all the chocolate you can.  You just go from one station to the next.  Their slogan is "From bean to bar" so they go through all the process to get the finished product. So many flavors, so much to taste.
Rick couldn't get enough white choc coconut flavor.  So much that after he moved from there he noticed that it had spilled all down the front of his suit .
There were so many stations but we kind of got stuck at the fountains.  Yummmmm
Now you can see some of the solid forms.  Of course you have to try it all, right? This only shows a small portion.
Rick is pulling down the lever to cut a piece of chocolate bar to eat. Yeah, more chocolate!!
Inside each of these round metal things are chocolate balls, all different kinds. By this time we are going on chocolate overload.
This is a poster of the owner covered in chocolate. Our insides felt like this, happy but covered!!  Is this Willey Wonka or what??
When you come out into the showroom, this display has lots of chocolate you can buy.  But who wants to buy chocolate at this point??  Oh what an afternoon.


Lindsey said...

Wow! I wish I were there SO bad! That is my dream land. I love the picture of the owner!

The Tews said...

So interesting! I love the porcelain spoon tasting idea. You can see the drips on Rick's suit in the picture - funny! Those round containers with the chocolate ball are super futuristic and cool looking. Kinda of a weird picture of the owner!