Sunday, December 8, 2013

Other Activities of the week!

 Institute dinner. I had to improvise on the ingredients for our Taco Casserole but it turned out good.  I made three 10x14 pans full plus broccoli and corn expecting a larger crowd.  That's the problem, I never know how many will be able to come from week to week. So we took a pan full home and it fed us for a meal or two.  Elder Tew loves it.
 We are with Brother and Sister Pail with the bag of treats they gave us. They invitied us for dinner last Sunday and it was wonderful. Yumm. We are standing in the kitchen at the church at Institute night. He teaches the JAE Sunday School class and they help out with the JAE's sometimes.
 Sweet Sister Helmi Luschin and her granddaughter Sara. They invitied us to their home for a wonderful lunch and visit. Sister Luschin's daughter Astrid Kramer lives in Kaysville and we visited with her and her husband before we left on our mission. We love them all. What a thrill to be with these wonderful people.
Our lunch was so festive and delightful!
 We purchased a year pass to this beautiful place that is not far from the church.  It is called Schloss Eggenberg and is surrounded by walking paths and gardens.  Actually the pass gets us into the gardens so we will be walking here hopefully 2-3 times a week. It costs extra to get inside the Palace which is now a museum.  We will do that in April when more rooms and exhibits are opened.  They say that in the spring this place really comes alive with beauty. 
We get to walk here, yay!


Megan Hansen said...

WOW! Go, walk, win! Looks awesome. Glad you have a beautiful, green place to walk and get some exercise. Way cool castle! Can't wait to see pics inside...if that's even allowed. Regardless, LOVE YOU BOTH!! So glad you're able to be there and be doing what you are. GO TEAM!

Lindsey said...

I love the pics! Looks like everyone has instantly loved you, just as I thought they would. I agree with Megan; it would be fun to see pics of the inside of the castle. It's beautiful!

The Tews said...

Yikes, that is so hard to prepare food when you aren't sure how many are going to come! Good thing Rick will gladly eat LOTS of leftovers. :) Looks like an awesome place for walking, I bet the garden will be beautiful this spring/summer. Wish we could come on an afternoon stroll with you! Glad the members are so welcoming, sounds like you are making some lifelong friends. :)