Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A day with Bro. & Sister Pail

 First Sister Tew gave Elder Tew a hair cut at our apartment. Notice the washing machine and hot water heater above it in the bathroom.
 They made us a wonderful lunch. They always start out with soup. This one was pumpkin. They mashed their own.    yumm
 An excursion to this cool looking Catholic Church after we visited a couple of elderly single sisters.
 Oh wow, they treated us to the most amazing hot chocolate. You have to eat it with a spoon, it is so rich. This is in a little chocolate shop.
 At this time of year the streets are filled with these little places. I only looked.
Lots of people everywhere, most are drinking though.  It was a great day in Graz with the Pails!  We have become good friends. They speak some English esp. Bro. Pail.


Lindsey said...

Again, I am so jealous of the chocolate!

The Tews said...

That pumpkin soup sounds really good. Glad the new hair cutting cape is working. :) I still think it's so crazy you can't open your washing machine all the way - that would drive me nuts!