Wednesday, December 11, 2013

More pics

 Isn't this a great looking place and it is even yellow! We don't really know what it is but we think it is apartments, maybe it is a single dwelling but whatever it is we get to see it every time we pull into the church parking lot.  It is located just above where we usually park.  Notice in the next picture.
 The car we get to drive from the mission.It gets great gas milage about 40-45, we are blessed to have it!
In the chapel after an activity.  We have great musicians in our group.  We are listening to Baldur play an amazing piece.  None of these three girls are Austrian.  Heather is from Idaho teaching German and English here and will leave in May.  Dominique is from Sweden but went to school at BYU Idaho for 5 years. She is in school for an advanced degree in Math and Song is from Korea studying music here.   

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