Friday, December 20, 2013

More December pics

 Mid December everywhere turns into a Christmas tree lot.
 Ok, so we looked all around for lights to put on our wreath  They were hard to find.  This is the  package of 40 LED lights and the only one we could locate. Cost 8 Euros (about $10.00). It's not like at home where you can even buy lights at the grocery store. Electricity is expensive here.
 Then we get home and undo the tiny package only to find (surprize) no plug! You have to buy batteries which thankfully Dad brought a few.This is the little thing you put them in. Three of our precious batteries for this one strand of mini lights.  Batteries are really expensive here also. But hey, this serves as our Christmas tree. We don't turn it on much. (Conserve the batteries, right?)
 We saw this wood lifesize Nativity outside the Saturn store that we bought the lights at.
 The ice Nativity at night for FHE.
This is the Graz City Hall with lights shining on it for the Season. Kind of like hallograms. It was really fun to see.

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