Monday, October 5, 2015

Welcome Home Family Party and final Mission Post!

April 11, 2015.  We went with Kristy, Dave and Jack to their home in Taylorsville to spend the night after we flew home. Reagan, Myah and Elliott are realizing that this Grandma is real, not just a flat face on Skype!!  It was so fun!

 Kristy and Dave hosted a family gathering for us. Here we are with 9 of our grandkids. Brady's family are in Anchorage, Alaska and couldn't come.

 We had a fabulous brunch with the works, including lots of bacon that little Reagan is sucking on.

 These 2 little boys were born while we were gone. Our Elliott and Jack, one month apart.

 Nap time with mom Kristy.

 We had an Easter Egg hunt in the back yard to celebrate.

Two year old Jones had a blast!

 Myah was still looking for all her eggs.

 Grandpa loved it as much as the kids!

 Our two oldest grands, Morgan and JJ loved finding eggs in the trees.

Nine year old Brenna has a full basket!

 Elliott decided he was done.

 Lindsey, Justin and girls.

 The fun things we brought back to give to the family from Austria.

 We gathered all the family together and called their name out one at a time to present them with their gifts. We had so much fun being with our family once again and getting to know our grandkids who had grown sooooo much while we were gone.

 The boys with their Lederhosen swim suits.

 Even JJ and Kenny (in Alaska) got one. They are our 2 oldest grandsons.

 This is what we saw as we pulled into our driveway. The kids had driven our car down to Kristy's house so we could drive it back to ours.

 Lindsey followed us home so she could see our reaction and take this picture.

"Home Sweet Home!"  Now the adjustment to after mission life begins!!


On April 9, 2015 we were leaving Graz to drive to Munich. Our last stop in Graz was to Edith and Horst Pail's home for final hugs and to give them the keys to our apartment until another missionary couple could come.

 We were fully packed in our mission car.

 We left these beautiful Alp mountains to return to our beautiful Wasatch mountains.

There were 29 of us missionaries going home this transfer. Here we all are with President Kohler and his family after the nice meal and testimony meeting. The young missionaries were then off to the hotel and Rick and I went to the Mission Home with the Kohlers for the night.

 The next morning we all arrived at the Munich airport to depart. 

 Some of the missionaries left with their parents that came to pick them up and the European missionaries went a different way. Here is the luggage from those of us flying to the states.

 Our last picture with President and Sister Kohler while still missionaries. "Auf Wiedersehen -Till we meet again!!"

 On the plane flying to Chicago.
 We worked with Elder Byers (left) in Graz for 6 months or so. His home is in Texas.

 After a 7 hour layover in Chicago, we finally arrived in Salt Lake shortly after midnight April 11th. It had been a long couple of days but we were home!

 Before walking down the hall to our waiting families, the 8 of us that flew together to SLC stopped for one last picture. We were all pretty exhausted but sooo excited!

 This is the picture I took as I was walking out.

 It was so late, but here are the troupers waiting for our arrival!

 My first time to hold our Baby Jack. He was wondering why I was crying.

 Kristy brought balloons, flags, and little Jack while Dave was parking the car. It was well after midnight by this time and most of the little ones and moms were in bed but it was amazing to have four out of our 5 children there and 4 of our 14 grands. Thanks guys!! It was a fabulous welcome home!!
The family party pictures April 11th coming in the next post!