Friday, May 30, 2014

More Marvelous MAY!!

 Yay, for watermelon season!! Anyone who knows me will know how happy I am for this ! Yummm.

 At this Friday Waffle Night there were 6 of us missionaries, 5 YSAs,  and 11 friends that are not members of our church!! We had a blast eating and playing the "water in the face game". All said they wanted to come again.

 Elder Tew cooks waffles in this room next to our YSA room. It is alot of carrying down everything from the kitchen upstairs but it is worth it so the singles can enjoy their room.

 Hope to see these new friends again soon. You can see Sisters Smith & Allman and Siri Lex mixed in this pic  also.

 Elder Tew fixed the Graz Elders bunk bed that completely broke. The Bruck Elders were staying the night also in preparation for the next morning District meeting so I had to take a pic. Elders Tew, Moon, Smith, Martinez, and Spratling.

 Our family will enjoy seeing this. Dad still gets a chance to do yard work! Clearing out all the weeds and grass for a service project for our building.


 Pretty good selfie of the Graz Missionaries!

Here we are ready to begin our Pday hike up the "Schoeckl". This is the highest point in Graz and "on a clear day you can see forever!"

 Elder Tew's new friend on the trail.

 We made it, whew. It was a tough one for me and also on the way back down!!! Baldur (in green shirt) was our fearless leader and suggested that E. Tew and I take the tram up but we refused thinking we would be fine. Now we have earned hiking respect from the Elders and Sisters who wondered if these old people could really make it. (I wondered it too) Oh, unfortunately, it was not a clear day to see very far.

 We drive by this Church on occasion but it looks like some renovation is being done. Hopefully we can go inside someday.

 Our Veggie creation to compliment our Wed. night Institute dinner.

 The sport our YSAs love to play whenever they can is... you guessed it... Ultimate Frisbee. So here is another go at it for Elder Tew.

 A smaller group this time but they had 5 on 5, thanks to Elders Moon and Spratling.

 To end this posting, I have to include pics of our two new grandsons. Baby Jack is doing really well now and is over a month old. They are settling into their new home. This pic is after a full day of moving. Love you Kristy, Dave and Jack.

...and baby Elliot was born on May 26 and his sister Mabel turned 3 on the 28th. Little Elliot looks so much like his daddy that it is incredible. We now have 13 wonderful grands!!  Thanks for the pics, love you Nate, Jess, Mabel, & Elliot.


Lindsey said...

That watermelon looks perfect! Myah loved seeing all the vegetables...she named most of them. And again, Justin wants to be there to play ultimate Frisbee!

The Tew Clan said...

Love all the pictures. That watermelon does look delicious. I knew Dad couldn't get by without doing some yard work :) It looks amazing of course! What beautiful country to see. Good job on the hiking!

The Tews said...

I always crave waffles after reading your posts! (and that really was the most perfectly ripe watermelon ever!) Fun to see the area the Rick "pruned!" (said in a German accent) Looks great. Glad you survived the hike!