Monday, May 5, 2014

More April Events

 What a great District we have, but it is always changing as missionaries get transferred. Elder Tew and I are the only constant, at least for aother year.  Here we are for our District Meeting and interviews with Pres. and Sister Miles. They will leave us in July. The Elder's look sharp in their matching ties. Even Pres. wore a red one but sadly not Elder Tew so he hid in the back.
 I wanted to show you the bread that Sis. Pail made us from the spelt flour I bought a while back. It was good!
 Ultimate Frisbee activity on a Saturday morning. Even Elder Tew got involved.  All of our young missionaries look forward to these type of fun friendshipping times. (I am a good spectator) Some of our people left by picture time but it can get pretty competitive.

During Spring Break from Institute some of us went to an Austrian Professional Basketball game between our city Graz (where the game was played in a small arena) and St. Poellen. The Sisters had met 2 American players the day before and we got permission from Pres. Miles to go because the cost was minimal. It turned out great and we even had 3 investigators there. Ali (on the far end), Dollie (in Yellow) and Lisa (between the Sisters).
Graz won the game! Raphie Knapp and E. Tew are happy.
For those of you who have not heard our story about this, well... another time. 
Albert treated us to lunch at a Chinese restaurant,(here in Austria) for a late birthday celebration for Elder Tew.  
Driving around the city one evening, making visits, we saw these guys and parked the car. We watched them from the bridge over the Mur River, doing tricks in their kayaks. 
Another view that same night.
On the Saturday before Easter, most Austrians eat basically the same menu. Here we are with our good friends Gotthard and Helga Bein on their back patio. They fixed sliced meats, cheese, boiled eggs, pickles, tomatoes, bean salad, and lots of shredded horse radish. It is all traditional.
Anna's last waffle night that she requested.
Anna lived with and worked for the wonderful Suppan family. (the youngest boy Clements was in school ) 
A huge group to see Anna off at the train station. Off to her home in Russia. (27 hours by train, 12 more hours by bus to her town).
Our Vienna Stake Relief Society gathered here at Mariazell for an excursion. Heather was my companion for the day.
Sister Margarethe Zorn, our Graz Relief Society President and I having lunch before listening to some talks by Stake leaders.
I cannot end this post without a Skype picture of our Kristy and Dave. Their baby Jack was born April 23.

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