Monday, June 16, 2014


 We were invited June 1st for Sunday dinner at the Kober's. Elizabeth (left) and her cousin had a good time especially with Elder Tew's object lesson.

 Yummy ice cream creation.

 We love this family Kober very much. Missing was Alex who was sick. Lisa (sitting next to me) also came. She is our ward's golden investigator and will be baptized soon. Sitting next to her is Bernhard our ward mission leader, the Kober's son.
                                                        Wednesdays are Institute nights.
Thankfully we were there getting ready to eat the dinner we prepare when a fast torrential rainstorm hit and we went down to the JAE room to see how things were.  This area fills up so fast with the water from the roof and the drain gets plugged with leaves. The water goes into the room through the closed windows. This has happened before. This time we caught it in time to bail water and call the Bishop to have it checked again. Some work is on order!

 A well deserved meal after.

 June 6, (our son Bryan's 40th birthday) we drove to Vienna to meet our sweet friend who lived with my cousin last year. She is here to study and got here June 1, so we met and went for pizza after introducing her to the Senior couple there at the YSA Center in Vienna. The Sister missionaries are teaching her better German.  Here we are with the Parkers, Sister Jencks and Sister Smith. She wanted to attend the Stake Fireside with us where Sister Wixom, the General Primary President, Sister Reeves, 2nd Counselor in the General Relief Society Presidency, and Elder Kearon of the Seventy spoke to us.  It was a packed house and very wonderful.

 Sister Kober, Sister Reeves and myself. 

 After the Meeting, the sister missionaries, Aigerim, Elder Tew and I walked around a part of the city before heading for home. This is the opera house where a ballet was going on inside. When there are events happening like this, they show it on the big screen outside for all passeersbys to watch.

 At the top of the Albertine Museum is where we took the previous pictures. It is so magical at night.

 This is a fun pic. As I was sitting in the car waiting for Rick to come, I noticed that our neighbor friend Rene had just gotten out of his car. He lives in the apartment below us. This is what I saw from the rear view window. Elder Tew was inviting him to some of our activities, but he said he couldn't this time, but to invite him to our next waffle night or ultimate frisbee! He is Young Adult age.

 You really have to watch out as you drive through Graz city streets because now that it is warm outside, the Cafe and Resturants will put outside eating places on the street. They put a little fence or barrier around some tables and chairs with umbrellas and there you have more seating but less street and parking places.

 Sister Smith, Dolly, an investigator friend, Sister Allman, Marlene, Heather and Dominique. It is Heather's last waffle night and party before she leaves for home in Utah. (Heather is 2nd from right)

 Mario, Elder Moon and the Tews!!

 Fun playing spoons.

 Now he is a true Austrian!! Another Austrian suit. This extremely nice nearly new suit was given to him. The suit fit perfectly but the hat was too small as you can see.  We gave it to the Bishop who loved it. (PS. Elder Tew is not very happy that Sister Tew put this picture in with the small hat! Love, dorky looking Elder Tew) 

 June 8th was Father's Day in Austria. one week before the USA.  Bro. Schatz(1st Counselor), Bishop Lex holding his youngest and Elder Tew posed for me after church.

 Another pic of another Ulitmate frisbee. But we get alot of less active and non-member friends to these times. They all have a blast and all the missionaries come too. And of course, I brought watermelon to eat after. We had 31 there, so we made 4 teams, and had 2 games going. (We could have used you Justin!)

I will end this post with another view of part of the city of Graz from the top of Schlossberg.


The Tews said...

I am curious to know what the cup object lesson was? Glad you were able to help avoid a flood! How cool that the opera house has a tv outside the displays the show, who needs tickets anyway?! I love the night shots, it really does look magical. I would be scared to eat on the restaurant seating that is right in the ROAD! Rick is looking handsome in his Austrian suit.

Lindsey said...

I love the pictures you took while in the's like I'm right there with you. Fun, fun, fun!

The Tew Clan said...

Love all the pictures! Dad looks great, even with the little hat on :)