Monday, May 12, 2014

Marvelous MAY!!

 May 1st was a holiday so the ward organized a wonderful hike.  Several people went but we were only able to capture a few of us for the picture.

 May 2-4 was our YSA Sport Days hosted by Graz. Fri. night dance, all day Sat. sports with lunch and dinner, and Sunday Church and barbeque after. We had a good turnout from all over Austria, some from Germany, and a few from Slovenia, but mostly it was the Vienna Stake that had the most representation.
 Lots of good friendships made and renewed.

 We also had a baptism on May 4. Bro. Hofmann (on left) baptized Albert Handy.
 A great day! Elder Martinez, Sister Tew, Albert, Elder Tew, Elder Byers, and Bro. Haas, who invited Albert to be taught by missionaries. It was great teaching with them, and visiting Albert as a couple sometimes. We even Skyped with the sister missionary one time that first taught Albert and his mom many years ago,who planted the seed. She was excited to see him again and congratulate him.

 Since it is a beautiful Spring, we tried to walk every day this week at the Schloss.
 I had to show you just a little of what we saw.
 This is an interesting bush.
 Notice how the leaves are turning into color which makes this so beautiful and unique.

                   Any idea why they call these flowering vines Gelb Regen (yellow rain)?

 Loved this one also.

 These two were so cute. A pair. Notice the male with his leg tucked into his feathers and standing on his one leg just hangin' out!

Don't click on the first video, just enjoy the moving action- click on the 2nd one for  real video enjoyment!
The peacocks were also all in bloom! Wonderful sight- normally in the evening they like to strut their stuff!

 So many bikers everywhere. Cars yield to pedestrians and bikers.

 Farewell to Elder Byers (on left) being transferred. We will miss him. He was Elder Tew's Texas buddy and the last missionary left from our original district when we arrived in Graz. In consolation, all their replacements have been outstanding, just adding more to our missionary family!

 Mother's Day!  Going into the church with our traditional Styrisch clothes.  Yes, we actually bought me a Dirndl dress and now we feel really Austrian. 
 Dinner and visit in the Koelli home
 Walter made the entire meal including this amazing chocolate mousse-strawberry sauce dessert.

And I could not leave this page without showing you a picture of our little man still in the hospital but doing amazingly well.  Baby Jack has made all of us so happy especially his mom and dad, Kristy and Dave.What a special Mother's Day gift to our Kristy.  Kristy was able to get this cute onesie with a tie printed on it, to celebrate his progress.  We love you baby Jack!

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Lindsey said...

What gorgeous pictures! And I LOVE that dress, Mom! It's very flattering and you look amazing! Dad looks good too in his suit of course, but wow! You!