Monday, May 5, 2014

Vienna April 28-29

 We had a Mission Conference in Vienna (Wien) for both Salzburg and Vienna Zones, so the Smiths, Wades, and Tews went up a day early to sight see a little. This is the famous Schönbrunn (beautiful fountain) Palace in Vienna. This was the summer residence of the last Imperial ( Hapsburg) Family of Austria. For more info, you can google. Very beautiful and very huge, and no pictures are allowed inside.

 After a tour of 40 rooms inside we entered out the back into this courtyard.
 A gust of wind caught us just for this picture.

 After the palace, we found a great pizza place just around the corner from our hotel. 
 Then we ventured out to the Prater, a famous amusement park within walking distance to our hotel. You can see what this park is best known for- the giant ferris wheel called the Riesenrad, (huge wheel), but most just call it the Prater. After buying your ticket of 9 Euros, you enter into a small train car, and the ride begins. It goes around extremely slowly once, stopping to let people in and out at the bottom.

 Elders Smith and Tew are rather terrified but smiled for this pic. No walking around for them up 200 feet.
 The car only rocked a little bit.
 Now we are at the top looking at the next car down.
 What a sight through the glass window.
 Tuesday morning began our Conference and they are celebrating all of the March and April birthdays.
 Another pic of our great District! Elder Byers (next to Sis. Tew) is our current District Leader.
 Some of our fabulous Sisters. Starting from left:  Garrett (from Kaysville) Jencks (South Jordan) Kervinen (Finland) Smith (Logan) and Allman (Georgia)
 After the great Conference, we stopped in at this old church that is being renovated on the outside...
 and we took a look inside.
 We also stopped in to visit the YSA center that Elder and Sister Strong from Bountiful are assigned to.  This center is probably the largest in Europe. This is a place close to the city center and the University of Wien, that all the YSAs can come to for Institute classes, meals, socials, studying, and to hang out. A safe haven for all young people. It is very nice as you can see. 
I snapped this pic of the Wien Rathaus (city hall) at night on the drive out.

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Lindsey said...

Wow! I can't believe that that humongous building was someone's home...not a big business building or something like that. And that Ferris wheel looks crazy!