Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine Posting

 Our District Meeting this week was in Bruck an der Mur which is about 45 minutes drive. The church is located on the top floor of an apartment building which is beautifully renovated. The Branch here is very small so a few members from Graz are called to serve there to help out.
 This is not the church but is an interesting street in Bruck as we were walking after the meeting.
 Notice the clock tower in Bruck.
 The center of the city. (Hauptplatz). We were walking through here to go to the Leiner store where Bro. Bein works here in Bruck to see him, not knowing if we could even find him . He is the manager and really busy.  I said a quick prayer and to our amazement, there he was walking right toward us from his lunch break. He was rushing to the store for a  meeting. He finished walking with us to the store so we could talk to him. We would have never found him because he usually goes in the back entrance.  Another tender mercy.
 Our Institute meal of Tacos and Fiesta Rice.
 They all loved it. Some came later to a total of 21 for dinner.
 Yay, for our Valentines dessert of Jello Poke Cake!! (again thanks for the jello, you know who you are).
 I had to post another pic of the Mulbergers. He has Diabetes and she is a nurse. Perfect.They married later in life. She is 10 years older than him and we love them to pieces.  We checked in on them this week and had a wonderful time visiting and spending a couple hours there. They are so grateful when we come. Don't they look like the cutest Valentines?
 Can you believe the size of the doors in apartment buildings? Notice where the door handles are. I am standing. This is from the inside.
 Our Valentine dinner of soup and toast. All we had time for but it was yummy.
Valentines 2014


The Tews said...

I love the pictures you take of the buildings and streets, so cool. Those doors are HUGE! Why on Earth do they need to be that big? How strange.

Pam said...

You are so cute and take such great pictures! What an experience you are having. Hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day!!

Megan Hansen said...

Do all the major cities have a fortress with a clock tower? Just curious. And do the buildings actually curve with the curves of the streets, or is each section of the building flat on the face?

That Valentines selfie at the end is major presh:) And so are the Mulbergers! Glad you've found some close friends. Ease off on the gourmet, Rachel and Ricky Ray, or you'll be feeding the entire ward regularly by the time you come home! :)