Saturday, February 15, 2014

February Features

 Wednesday the 5th was Siri Lex's 20th birthday. She took the ribbon off the bag of candy we gave her and put it on the pair of socks she knitted for Elder Tew to match mine.
Socks!! Elder Tew's are way colorful. She was using up the ends of her yarn. 
 Doing great and loving our Mission!
 On Fridays they have a Farmer's Market close by so we ran in really fast to see what they had. Oh, of course, a bakery!!
 We had to buy Apple Strudel!
 Alex and Sam Driggs from Utah State. They just arrived here to study for 6 months. We welcomed them into our Young Adult group.
 For an activity, we went Keggling. This is less expensive and similar to bowling. The balls are smaller with only 2 finger holes.  The pins are smaller and arranged differently.  When you knock some down, there are strings attached to the tops of the pins that raise them up again to formation.  Shown here in his wheelchair is our Raphael Bein with his mom. He is 18 so she brings him sometimes. He loves to sit and watch and laugh at us. Right now he is tired and ready to go home. The JAE's are so good to him.
 Yay, Joey came !
 On Sunday, we were invited to Bishop and Regina Lex's home for dinner. They have 6 children. The oldest is serving his mission in Romania and here is their youngest. As soon as dinner was over, the kids scampered off.
Driving home on one of the Graz streets.


The Tews said...

Keggling sounds interesting! Did Rick have some mad Keggling skills like he does at bowling? If you get a chance you should post some videos...I would love to hear the language! Wow, the bishop and his wife look so young to have 6 kids with one serving a mission. (that dessert looks tasty)

Sharla Hunt said...

I have just gotten off the phone with our new AP. I told him I had seen pictures of his parents on your blog. He said that he had heard of a new couple serving in his homeland who knew a senior couple here in Romania. :)

I've heard only good things about Elder Lex. He was making arrangements to send up some books to us and sounded very nice.

Tell the Lex family thank you for sending us such a good missionary!

Megan Hansen said...

And nice socks! That's a killer skill. I have so many socks I absolutely LOVE that I wish I knew how to fix. I'll have to Google that ... and then buy new ones anyway ;) Props to her, though! Great selfie again. You two look so happy, and that makes this kid super happy. Love yous!

Gene and Jill Jeppson said...

Thanks for doing this blog. It brings back lots of wonderful memories. Schoene Grusse an alle da von Elder u. Sister Jeppson