Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February Fun!

 At the Lex wedding celebration at the church they auctioned off this box of goodies, to raise some money for the couple, and we got the winning bid!  Yay! Siri Lex made the socks and Samira knitted the hat. Also there is granola, a bottle of apple juice, jam, dried apples, and some dried herbs.
 Love these!!
 This is cute little Bridget Rauch after her baptism on Sunday. She was baptized and confirmed after our church meetings.
 What a great family.
 This is our bedroom window and we get to look out at this fun tree every day.
Some new friends.  Andrea, Sister Tew and Jane.


Lindsey said...

That's a fun idea to have an auction at a wedding! And what a cute family with the daughter who got baptized.

Megan Hansen said...

I'm with Linds- brilliant idea! Bridget is so beautiful! All dressed in white. She looks like an angel straight from heaven. As far as the goody basket, are you sure that's apple juice? ;) Do most liquids come in bottles like liquor there?