Friday, February 28, 2014

February Finals

 Gabby, Anna, Song, Marlene, and Phillip. Some of our JAE's after institute night having fun with left over oranges.
 So this is Elder Tew thinking it is fun to put a glass dish on his head.
 Well... what can I say. OOPS.
 The nice red glass bowl that I normally put fruit in is no more in the church kitchen cupboard. Marlene is here helping clean up the mess. Elder Tew will be on the lookout for a replacement.
 We were walking down a street after an appointment we had with a member and his non-member friend when we noticed this old Catholic church nestled in among the apartment buildings.
 So we had to explore the grounds and the inside. Burrr, it was cold inside but so interesting.
 Spring is here. The crocus are growing right up in the church lawn.

 Another church, but I had to take a picture because it is YELLOW! I love all the yellow buildings and houses here in Austria. 
And... last of all the February pictures is this sign we saw by a bike rack in Vienna, and we see them sometimes along the freeway.  Interesting !  Hummm.  It actually means something like "good trip".


Megan Hansen said...

I love the crocuses!! So cute and cheery. And, of course, the YELLOW. All I gotta say about the bowl is this: too bad it wasn't half of a red four-square ball;) Those weren't as messy to clean up when they hit the floor. But they made us look like mushrooms instead of oriental fishermen. I guess it really depends on the look you're going for. Love the pic of all your peeps! Keep up the good work.

Lindsey said...

I love all the pictures! That catholic church is so beautiful and I loved the ornate detail on the inside. Of course I loved the last picture the best! It gets funnier the more I say it out loud!