Friday, February 28, 2014

Stake Conference Week

 We treated our Missionaries to lunch at the Leiner Store Resturant after our District Meeting. Elder Thomas is transferred to Munich as a Zone Leader.
 We saw these cute little Cactus plants in the Mercur store where we shop for groceries.
 We drove up to Vienna on Saturday Feb. 22 for Stake Conference and we stayed over at the Hotel close by the church.  After the Sat. eve. meeting in which President and Sister Miles were 2 of the speakers, we went out to dinner with them at a fabulous Schnitzel place called Schnitzelwirt that Elder Strong loves.  Sister Strong was sick and couldn't join us. The Strongs are the Senior couple in Vienna.
 Just look at the size of this tasty Cordon Bleu Schnitzel. Elder Tew and I split one. Yumm, it was gooooood.
 Sunday session was the Broadcast from SLC so we went to the English version. This is the front of the Vienna Stake Center.  It looks small in this pic but it really is a huge building. We come here for Zone Conferences also.  Notice Sister Lassel, our Stake Primary President from Vienna.  She saw that I was taking a picture and wanted to be funny. She is great!
 Looking down the street from the Church after Conference.
 Driving down a street in Vienna. What an amazing city.
 We took some time before we headed for Graz  to walk around a bit in the main center. This is a Government  Building with a huge glorious outdoor skating rink in front.
 Beautiful buildings and skulpture here.
 Wow, amazing to be in Vienna or Wien as the Austrians call it.
 This is the Library of Vienna, the Capital of Austria.
As we were in the car heading for home, we turned a corner and saw this site straight ahead.


Suzanne Gange said...

You are the cutest missionary couple ever! I have been following your blog since you left and love seeing all of your adventures! The people over there are so lucky to have you. Love you guys!
Suzanne G

Megan Hansen said...

Wow, there is some beautiful architecture there. Vienna!!! Oh, how I'd love to visit. Lots of famous classical music sites there. And a really cool stake center...