Friday, June 27, 2014

More Joys for June!

 Good friends! Albert Handy and Elder Tew

 What a great Father's Day gift. Albert received the Priesthood and was ordained a Priest.

 Cute girls in the ward. Anna, Valentina, Emilie, and Cyra. Can you tell who the twins are?

 Bruder Haas walking his girlfriend Maria from church. He is hoping she will embrace the Gospel like he did.

 Someone in our ward had alot of extra clothes from a relative and gave them to anyone they would fit. Bro. Haas is thrilled with his new winter Austrian wool coat and suit jacket.

 And Elder Tew got another beautiful Styrian suit. It fits him really well.

 Father's Day for Rick - what he loves to do - eat treats!!

 And we got to skype with all of our family. Here is Brady and family in Anchorage.

 Another reason to SMILE!

 Last pic of our District before transfers. Two are going home and one is going to Germany. Elder Tew took  the picture.

 She got BAPTIZED June 17th!!  She is our sweet 19 yr old who found the church on her own after following the "Shaytards",   an LDS family's YouTube video blog. She was so intrigued by this crazy young family with good family values and who interjected Mormon culture into their every day life. After 6 months of watching this family, she looked up the church address here in Graz and just walked in the door. She knew so much already about being a  Mormon that it was easy to teach her. It was just a matter of time until the spirit let her know it was time. We all love her!

She asked Raphi Knapp to baptize her.

 Sister Allman and Sister Smith taught her the lessons.

 We are at the train seeing Sister Allman and Elder Moon off early the next morning after the baptism. Their missions have come to an end. They are both flying into Salt Lake City.

 We found Rick's name in Bruck an der Mur. We should have snapped this pic with him in it, oh well.

 Another prep. day afternoon activity we hiked up the very steep 25 min. climb to the Gosting Castle and Fortress Ruins. This was built in the 11th century and towers 200 meters above Graz. We saw it on the mount from the freeway and planned to take a look. 

 From the top this is one of the views. You can see the Schlossberg in the middle of Graz. Look really close and you can see the clock tower on the very right of the mound.

 Another view with some of the ruins.

 You can see the tower where we were. Notice the flag, it is made of metal.
This  was another great adventure.

  With the transfer, we received three new (to our area) missionaries. Elder Caldwell (new) E. Martinez, Sister Smith, Sister Smith (new) Elder Plumb (new) and E. Smith. It is confusing now that half of our missionaries are Smiths! And both Sister Smith's first names start with R, and both went to Utah State to school. Both are from Northern Utah. One from Logan and the other from Brigham. We call them Sister Red Smith and Sister New Smith, although Sister New Smith goes home next transfer.

One of my favorite corners that we pass all the time in the car.. I love all the flowers shops on this corner  and at the end is a tiny bakery shop. 

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You guys are doing such great work! Everyone looks so happy and I'm excited to meet all these people!