Friday, June 27, 2014

Grüner See and Zone Conference

 Sister Lex invited us to go with her & Skydra (who are members in our ward) and Skydra's  daughter Dasa (who was visiting from England) to Gruner See. Gruner See means Green Lake and is a bit more than an hour drive from Graz. 

 The hike (or rather walk) up was beautiful through the trees.

 The Lake was so gorgeous. It's hard to capture how green and clear it is.

 Divers come from all over to scuba because in June the runoff from the mountains makes the Lake the deepest of the year. It can measure about 40 feet in the center. In the fall it becomes much smaller.

 We were told that divers finish their training here to certify.

 The Lake is surrounded by the Hochschwab mountains and forests. The clean, clear, emerald green water comes from the snowmelt and the temp. is 43-45 degrees F.


 In the shallow end we got our feet wet and burrrrr, jumped right back out.

 So much water came down this spring that it overflowed into the reserved area. You can see the walking path and bench that gets covered when that happens. Heike said she came 3 weeks earlier and she could walk on that path but today we had to take the upper path. The farmers are happy to have more water this year in Styria.

 Another small lake we passed on our way down. I loved the bright green algae growing on the bottom and how clear the water is. That made it easy to see several fish, also.

 President and Sister Miles called for one more Zone Conference before they leave the mission. They depart for home on June 27th. Our new President Kohler and family arrive June 26. This pic is when Sister Miles was expressing her great love for all of the missionaries and how she will miss us all.

 They gave all the missionaries hugs. Yes, we will miss them. They have become good friends.

 Till we meet again...

 After the Conference we met up with this cute girl and treated her to Chinese food here in Vienna, Austria. It was good, although we should be eating Wienerschnitzel in Wien, right?

A photo in front of the resturant before we drive the 2 hours back to Graz.


Lindsey said...

That water is beautifully clear. So different from our Utah lakes! yuck! I love the picture of you and Sis. Miles looking at each other. What a sweet moment caught on camera.

The Tew Clan said...

Oh, I miss seeing those waters. I remember how green they were. Pictures do not do it justice! But, your pictures are really good. You have a better camera than I did 15 years ago. I love the corner market and all the flowers. It seems so much more inviting than our stores here.