Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July means Summer!

Happy Summer to you all!

At the end of the youth water activity, the guys started launching water balloons up in the air to see how high they could get them.  It was fun to see how excited they all got.

On our way to a ward couples activity, on July 4th, we had a nice drive through the country. We love all the flowers and how they decorate their houses and even the bridges with flower boxes.

 A random house we passed.

 These gorgeous bushes (hydrangeas) are everywhere. We want to find and plant one when we get home!

 Lovely wheat field that I had to snap.

 The couple activity was a walk/hike and this picture has a particular story behind it.  Let's just say that a  less active member friend, a single sister, brought her very old female dog on the hike. And out of nowhere bounded this male dog and attacked her and wouldn't leave. Elder Tew carrried this dog the rest of the way for our friend. This was a very appreciated service for Uli, but by the time we got to the parking lot and the other dog still jumping up, Rick was very tired! We couldn't get that dog to leave us, he even chased the car as they drove off.

 The fun Austrian Resturant we went to at the end of the activity.

 How fun it was to hear this great musician sing and play the Steirische Harmonika (Austrian Accordian) for us during our dinner.

 This meal comes with all the bread you want to eat with it (even though you pay for each slice). We also ordered an Austrian salad. When we were about to leave, Sister Sander who is an opera singer started singing "The Star Spangled Banner" for us right there in the resturant to celebrate July 4th, the American Independance Day. Of course she insisted that we sing also because she forgot most of the words. Interesting Night.

 July 5th, a pizza birthday celebration lunch for Elder Martinez.

 Our Austrian attire again (Rick is sporting his latest gift of a fancy, like new, Styrisch suit and tie, from a member!) 

 This area of Graz is called Jakomini Platz (square), and I had to snap some pics.
 We love Graz!!

Eating our Döner sandwich at our favorite shop. We love the outside portable extensions on the sidewaks and streets for seating because in the summer it is terribly hot inside those cafes where they are cooking the meats on large rotating Kabobs.

At FHE our group loves to play games after the lesson.


Suzanne Gange said...

I love your Austrian attire. You look so cute in the black and green dress!

The Tews said...

That Doner sandwich looks good! Cute Graz bag that Rick is holding. I'm liking the accordion music! Rick is a good soul for carrying that dog for so long, what a crazy thing. And you are a good soul for probably rubbing his back and legs later that night! Those hydrangeas are gorgeous.