Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Some January Pics

 FHE activity. The Elders in our District came with a new member from Bruck.
 Picture wtih Elder Spencer and Elder Badders.  They are being transferred out which is sad for us.  They have been working in Bruck and we will miss them tons. Our District meetings won't be the same without E. Spencer's piano playing and Elder Badders napkin folding.
Institute Night Dinner.  We had a few extras including Song's parents who came to visit her from Korea for her 20th birthday.  Everyone loved our spaghetti dinner and chocolate pudding cake for nachspeise (dessert).
We took the Sisters out one day to try to catch some referrals. I just had to snap this pic of this cool looking place.  My camera is in my purse at all times and I could just take pictures all day if I could.
Heather, Dominique, Sister Regnier and Sister Judd.
Elder Byers and Elder Christensen (our new DL) with Sam.
Time out for Tews!  Elder Tew sporting his new sweater down in the JAE room.
Sunday dinner and visit with dear Sister Prantl.
She is widowed and a great strength to the ward. In the background is a stitching she made over her living room door. "Rejoice over every joy, because every joy comes from God".
We have our weekly Ward Missionary Correlation Meeting with Bernhard.  He is such a great ward mission leader and fun to be with. (although sometimes our meetings can last up to 3 hours)! We are trying to scale back some.
Another FHE game initiated by Phillip. He taught the group how to play Ninja. Sister Tew just took pics!!
Our new District, along with our Zone Leaders.
Elder Thomas on left, and his brand new Elder straight from the England MTC.  Elder Spratling is from Billings, Montana and is 18 years old.  They will continue in Bruck.

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Lindsey said...

Fun! You both look great! Looks like some of the guys are playing Dominion. We love that game!