Friday, January 31, 2014

So far, good on the Cooking!!

 Here we are in our second home here in the church kitchen. The Tew Chefs!!
 Thumbs up approval of our Austrian Hawaiian Haystacks.
 Yay for jello!!  Thank you to those that sent me some. Austria does not have jello.
 They loved our jello dessert!!!
 Munch and Mingle, right?
It is fun making cookies for FHE and they love everything. It all gets eaten no matter how much we bring.


The Tews said...

Glad to hear the cooking is going well, I know that is probably a weight off you shoulders! Those Jellos look tasty...and of course everything gets eaten no matter how much you bring, you have RICK as your mission companion! ;)

Megan Hansen said...

I second what Jess said on the Rick thing ;) The tew of you look SOOO GREAT!!!!!!! Looks like a whole lotta lovin and bein loved goin on, and I am a HUGE fan of that.