Tuesday, January 7, 2014


 So our pigs got a new friend for a couple hours until we gave it away to the Pails.
 We spent New Year's Eve with Bro. & Sis. Pail. They loved their new family member!! Bro. Pail took it everywhere we went that night.
 This is some of the Austrian "Sylvester" food the Pails fixed for dinner. Thin sliced smoked salmon, smoked cod, deviled eggs, horse radish creme stuff, meat salad, and meat spread for the bread. That thing in the middle is a small mushroom cake that she bought for luck. Silvester is the word for New Year's Eve here in Austria.  It is named after a Catholic Saint but we don't have a clue why. When the Pails invited us to Sylvester, we didn't know what they were talking about.
 About 11:30 pm we drove into the city with the Pails  to witness first hand all the crowds of people congregating everywhere to watch the fireworks. They had fireworks shooting from the Schloss Berg (where the clock tower is) and fireworks were shooting off all over the city.  How exciting!

 We wish you a happy 2014!!!

 We are at the Hauptplatz (where the city hall is). The city tree was so gorgeous. Notice the clock tower in the background. The clock tower is the hallmark of Graz.
This is interesting.  They hung Christmas trees upside down from wires above the streets. That looks like alot of work to me, but it was pretty impressive. Maybe it signifies the ending of a year and the beginning of a new one.  We had a wonderful New Year's Eve. Thank you Pails!!


The Tews said...

Smoked cod and horseradish creme? I bet your taste buds loved that! :) The upside down trees remind me of some strange Harry Potter movie or something, how interesting! 2014 will be a great year in Graz!

Megan Hansen said...

So...Sylvester is a cat, but they give away pigs? Haha! That's awesome. I bet they'd think some of our traditions don't make sense, either. The trees upside down show a resourcefully-minded people. Look at them finding a good use for all those used Christmas Trees! Now if they were only lit -- what a sight that would be! With LIGHTS, not candles. Just sayin'...wouldn't want wax drippin' on my head as I walk the streets...nor any unplanned FIREworks adding to the festivities.