Friday, January 31, 2014

Farewell to January 2014 pics

 Went to a funeral in a Catholic cemetary.
 Looks quite forboding but so interesting.
 Stopped in for hot chocolate and treats after. Yumm.
 I love this street here in Graz. Notice how the buildings seem to bend with the curve of the street.  I will probably take more pics of this street because we drive here alot.
 Buildings similar to this one are all over.
 January 28th, Elder Byers birthday that we celebrated at District meeting .
 Here in our Graz RS room is great for our meeting.
A great visit with this wonderful couple in our ward.  The Mulburgers.  It is so fun to find out about their stories.  And...surprize to us...they speak great English.  Who knew?  She even lived in England for a time which we found out. They only spoke German to us at church. Well not any more!


The Tews said...

You have snow! And hooray for an English speaking couple!

Pam said...

You both look great! Those treats look pretty good, you know us and food!!

Megan Hansen said...

That hot it better than ours? Yay for the Mulburgerss!!! Someone you can understand and vice versa! Woo-hoo!!!!!