Monday, March 31, 2014

Trip through Bavaria - More March Memories

 We are on our way to our Senior Mission  Conference in Zollikofen, Switzerland. We rented a huge van and picked up the Smiths and Wades in Saltzburg so we could all go together. The Wades traveled up from Klagenfurt to meet us. The six of us did some sight seeing for a couple days on the way to the Conference.
                                                                       We traveled through parts of Bavaria, Germany and of course we had to visit our favorite castle Neuschwanstein. Here it is in the distance nestled among the beautiful Alps.
 This church was just waiting for a picture. This is on the way to the castle.
 Getting closer and using our zoom on the camera.
 I cheated on this picture because it is a pic of a place mat I bought at the gift shop. But I wanted you to remember how famous this castle is. Not only did King Ludwig ll build it but Disney loved it also and fashioned his fairy castle after it. You will also remember the poster we have of this picture on the wall by our family room. When we came here 33 years ago, we were too late for the tour so we bought the poster instead.  I have always loved this castle. We got on the tour this time!! We have read up on Ludwig ll who was King of Bavaria from 1864-1886. Quite a fastinating story. He also built 2 other castles.
 We paid extra for a horse drawn ride up the hill. Money well spent!
 The entrance and into the courtyard.
 Going up the stairs to begin the tour of the inside. We were the last ones on the last tour of the day, and we're excited!
 Oops, I snapped this pic right before I saw the sign for no photographs inside. Pretty cool though to give you a flavor of what it looks like.
 We could take pics from the inside out.
 Looking out a window to the magnificent view.
 This pic was after buying our stuff at the gift shop. They don't care about cameras here.
 Some outside shots.

 Fabulous castle but the King died before it was finished on the inside. We did see several spectacular rooms though. 
 Great detail! You can see where Disney got ideas for his fairy tale movies.
 Goodbye Neuschwanstein...hopefully we will see you again.
 Across the way is the castle of King Maximilian, the father of Ludwig ll.
 Some fun Bavarian pictures.

I will continue our trip on the next posting.


Sharla Hunt said...

Awesome! If you see the Wades again - tell them hello from us!!!!

See you soon!

Lindsey said...

Wow, the castles are awesome! And yes, it was fun to see a pic of the one that was on the wall at your house!

The Tews said...

Such an awesome castle! Glad you made it in time for the tour. Your postcard is on our fridge!