Thursday, March 27, 2014

March Memories

 We walked by this fabulous church on the way from an appointment here in Graz.
 While walking around Schloss Eggenberg we found the peacocks posing for us...
... even spreading their feathers.
 And of course we had to take a shadow pic. We think this one looks pretty cool!
 We visited the Hanselmayers and she served us open faced sandwiches.  Yummm.  Bro. Hanselmayer is such a great example of endurance and trusting in the Lord. His testimony is so strong and humble.  His wife is not a member but was the perfect hostess until she had to leave for a concert. We enjoyed getting to know this good brother a little better. He speaks mostly German and Elder Tew translated for me.
  •  Osei (Paul) Boateng was baptized. The Sisters found him while riding the Streetcar to church and he started asking questions. He was pretty golden right from the start. He is 43 years old, from Ghana, and is happy to have a new life now in the Church.

 Our next potential Baptism is Albert Handy. Here he is with Osei after the Baptism.
 I make lots of cookies every Monday for FHE and to take to people. These Chocolate Crinkles are a favorite with everyone!
 Anna Sinitsyna has been working and living with the Suppan family this year and will be leaving to return to Russia in a couple of weeks.  She is so strong in the Gospel since her Baptism last October and is excited to share her newfound truths with her friends and family. She is a great missionary already. Here she is with part of the Suppan family, Marlene, Sister Suppan and Phillip. Bro. Suppan and Clements were gone but we snapped this pic while Elder Tew and I were there Visiting Teaching the girls. Sister suppan had shoulder surgery a couple weeks ago.

 Kristin Pail could hardly wait for dessert after the dinner and Institute lesson. She really piled on the whipped cream and cherries on her piece of chocolate cake and said "This is what I have been waiting for all day!!"
 Heather and Dominique liked it also.
Elder Tew couldn't resist buying these on the way home from the Senior Couple Missionary Conference we had in Switzerland last week. He said he had to get rid of all his extra Swiss money (Franks). We brought the biggest Toblerone Chocolate to District meeting where the Missionaries devoured it in minutes.

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The Tews said...

Those open faced sandwiches look tasty! Not only is Osei happy to be a member but to eat some of those crinkle cookies! :) (can you tell I am hungry while typing this?) Don't even get me started on the giant Toblerone. YUM!