Sunday, April 6, 2014

More of Our Swiss March Trip

 Continuing on to the Senior Mission Conference,  we drove through the big city of Zurich but we went on to Luzern where we parked to walk around some of this beautiful city.
 Elder Smith moved the van to this handicapped spot which we are saving. Elder Tew's tag comes in very handy which means free parking. He still struggles with his leg but once he gets going, he can walk really well.  (I think his limp is getting worse though.) But he doesn't complain. He says it's the price he pays for the free parking and that's ok.
 More pics of Luzern.

 Do you remember the story of William Tell?  He was from here.

 This is "Gletschergarten Löwendenkmal" which means glacier garden monument to the Lion. It is a war monument to the fallen.
 Notice the details. What does this Lion remind you of?
 Walking by a store to buy glasses, we thought this was funny.

 Farewell to Luzern, time well spent.
 Breathtaking view of the Alps here in Interlaken.

 A common hobby and sport here.
 Three Amigos in Interlaken, Switzerland.

 Interesting trees. I wonder what they look like in summer.  Notice the parachute flyer in the distance. They take off from the mountain behind us but we couldn't really see them, and they land in this park. If you look back to the previous picture, that is the top of the mountain they take off.

 Driving to our Hotel we stopped for pics. The fun statue of the Swiss man looking at the valley. Oh, I mean the one on the left not Elder Tew!
Cute little pizza place for a late supper close to our Hotel.  We were starving!


Suzanne Gange said...

What a beautiful place! So many of the pictures you took look like paintings. I hope you are truly having an amazing time.

Lindsey said...

What a beautiful place. The 3rd to last picture looks like the most beautiful spot to live.

Megan Hansen said...

Loving your posts, as always. Thanks for posting! Loved the pic of you, Joey, with the river and sunlight behind. You're glowing.