Friday, November 22, 2013

Our Welcome to Europe!!

 Elder Tew with all our luggage at the Munich Airport on Friday November 15, 2013. Whew, we made it this far.  Yeah!!
 Elder and Sister Hunsaker from the Mission office and two of the office Elders came to pick us up. They were great!

 They took us to the Alpine German Speaking Mission Office to process in. This is the main door.
 What a great authentic German dinner in a wonderfully quaint little German restaurant.  Notice the guy in the back because all the people were quite entertained by us especially when my drink tipped over.
 The next morning they loaded our luggage for us and got us on the train to Graz, Austria. They were so fun to be with. So glad we got to have this day in Munich.


Megan Hansen said...
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Megan Hansen said...

The pic of Rick with all the luggage is epic. So glad you got to spend a smidge in Munich.