Friday, November 22, 2013

Our New Home!

 Our great Welcoming Committee from the Graz ward with Elder and Sister Dent at the train station.  They all helped get us there to our apartment.
 Our new home at Faunastrasse 24/4
8052 Graz, Austria
There are 7 apartments in this building and our # 4 is on the front 2nd floor. The middle window is the kitchen and the far left is the living room.

 Elder and Sister Dent in the stairwell going up to the apartment. They were great trainers and we were so happy to be with them as much as we did.
 This is our front door to the left of us.
 The apartment is smaller than it looks but very nice.  Small entry way, bathroom, bedroom, and this is the living room.
The kitchen and the window looking out the front.


Lindsey said...

Wow, your apartment looks really nice! I'm impressed!

Megan Hansen said...

Love the living space. Small but clean and efficient. Looks quite refreshing, actually.