Saturday, April 4, 2015

APRIL 2015!!

 Don't you love my apron? I wear it with pride! This is our last Wed. Institute night. My last cooking and Elder Tew's last lesson. It's been great and we are tired. Good way to end, right? 

 Chili over baked potatoes, yummmm. Veggies and rolls. I fed 24 people.

Last lesson, Actually it was a question and answer class that was really a great time.

 The room was filled! We started having the dessert down here in the YSA room since Rick has been teaching. Works out better and Rick can have more time.
 Dominic, Kristin, and Gabi

 We are making lots of last time visits. Here Bro. Haas finally knows how to work the DVD player we got him for Christmas and the TV someone gave him. He is now using this as a good missionary tool when his friends come over by showing them segments from the church DVDs we gave him. He is  happy and so are we!!

We bid him farewell but we are glad that  we will see him again at the church for General Conference this weekend April 4-5.

 Oh, the Muhlbergers! What can I say? Love, love, love!

 We have entered their door many times. They are a joy and do so much for the ward and missionaries. She is 81 and he is 71 and have been married 21 years.

Our last visit with Sister Helmi Luschin and Sara, her granddaughter who is a nurse. She will turn 90 this July 27th and her entire family are coming to celebrate. Astrid and family are coming from Kaysville..

 The Kober Family!  Inge, Adi, Alex and Bernhard. Twelve year old Elizabeth was with friends and Julia is married with a baby. Bernhard is getting married Sept 4. He will be missed in the ward as Ward Mission Leader and one of the YSAs but we are sooo happy for him. He is one of  6 young adults getting married in our Graz Ward. Some are leaving and some will stay.

 Peter and Eva Hanselmayer! He is such a great friend and she has really warmed to us. 

 Klaus and Laurel! They just moved into their new apartment outside of the city. 
We visited others but no pics to post, and running out of time. 

 Cleaning, packing,.. crazy!!
Hope we can fit in all the CHOCOLATE, but I am getting worried!! We leave Graz in just 5 days!! I will try to post one last time. Love to all!! See you Soon!!


The Tews said...

You know I LOVE that apron!!! So cute. So bittersweet saying goodbye to everyone, you two have worked hard with all your heart and soul!

Lindsey said...

Look at those suitcases! I'm soooo excited! I love seeing you and dad in action...him teaching and you cooking. The YSA's will miss you both so much. And all the everyone else!