Thursday, March 19, 2015

March Madness !! 2015

I named this post March Madness because it is crazy getting things ready for us to go home. Our mission here is ending and we will leave Graz on April 8th. We will drive to Munich and fly out on April 10th! Alot to do before then. 

 March means spring and we are starting to see its beauty!

Our last District!  Elders Mitchell, Pyle, Tew, Deleeuw, Durrant.
Sisters Bishop, Tew, and Poll

Our good friends Elder Dean and Sister Judy Wade who serve in Klagunfurt, came to Graz to spend the day with us. We got to show them our beautiful city of Graz.

That same day the we met up with Steve and Diane Worthen who were picking up their son Elder Dane Worthen from our mission. Steve is Rick's brother Steve's best friend and Diane works for our chiropractor. E. Worthen served several transfers in Vienna so we saw him at Zone conferences. They were on their way to Vienna and stopped in Graz to see us. We all had lunch together, Wades, Worthens and Tews!  What a great Day!!

This is Oskar who cleans the floor at the grocery store where we do most of our food shopping. He uses this cool machine to wash and buff the floor and loves to speak English with us. He is quite funny and loved his picture taken.

Our fun Graz Elders, Mitchell and Durrant.

 Bernhard Kober, (nearly engaged) Phillip Suppan (married now and visits us sometimes) and Lisa Zechmann, (getting married in May) are helping Phillip study for his huge exam after Institute. They all grew up together and are best friends.

 This is Jarom Korak who started coming early to help me cook for Institute night. He turned 18 a few months ago and has been to Institute 6 times now. Jarom loves to help - yay for me!!

 We love Lukas and Amrei so much!! Not only are they great friends, but  they are making progress in their religious views. They love hearing about the Gospel. We only have one more time to be with them before we leave, but they are planning to come to Utah maybe next year and spend time with us on their way to Yellowstone!! You all will love them too.

 Our last Waffle Night! Amrei and Lukas were still here from Vienna and came to experience it!

 We cook the waffles down in the YSA room. Don't you love our aprons?

 Elders Pyle and Deleeuw with Stefan from Bruck for waffle night. Stefan is getting ready for baptism soon. He is a great 24 year old and will be a fabulous member of the church!

 Marlene and Clements Suppan after church. She is one of our YSA representatives who we work closely with. We will miss her so much and Yes, she will miss us also. We have no replacements yet. so pray for another missionary couple to come to Graz.

Signe Lassl (in back) is our Stake RS President and Patricia Antonodoulos (her husband is Greek) is one of her counselors. They were visiting the Graz ward and we had a fun chat since they both speak great English. They are wonderful Sisters in the Gospel and I love being with them.

 Sweet Sister Wilma Prantl holding a picture of her and her first husband who died only after 2 years of marriage. They both joined the church shortly after marriage and she has since been sealed to him in the temple.

 The Hanselmayers took us out to lunch and this is the Austrian food we ordered. This is fried potatoes, ham, apples and eggs. It was good.

 This is fried eggplant with tomatoes and cheese inside. Both of these dishes have Austrian names but we can't remember them.

 Peter and Ava Hanselmayer with the table decor. Aren't they the cutest? We love them very much. Peter has done alot for the church over the years and has such a strong testimony but Ava is not a member anymore. Her heart has softened a great deal though and we are hoping she will come to church with her husband on the 29th when we speak in Sac. Mtg.

 The flower shops are opened and blooming!

I will leave you with a street scene from our car.  Tschuss!!

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The Tews said...

I can't believe it, this is your last month of posts!!!! I think you may have to keep up a blog when you get home too! That is sad that there are no replacement missionaries yet, even though you two can't really be replaced! I laughed at your picture of Oskar - too funny. That is so neat that Steve Tew's BFF came out there to pick up there son. Wish we could come out to pick you two up!