Friday, February 20, 2015

Fantastic February!!

 The title of this post is Fantastic or Fabelhaft in German and so far February has been just that. At the beginning of the month we received a couple of good snow storms so this pic is for our little grandkids. The pigs are looking out the window at the falling snow just like they do.

 We celebrated Klaus's birthday at our apartment with dinner, a spiritual thought, and playing a fun game. It was a good time for us all.

 These next pics are of some of our YSAs. On the left is Caleb Sajin Lex the Bishop's son who just returned from his mission in Romania and is our new YSA representative. Sitting next to him is our fun Bernhard Kober our Ward Mission Leader.

 George and Ben both from Nigeria and both investigator friends.

 Sister Poll, Sophia (this was her last night with us before she went back home to Sweden), Hayli, and Sister Bishop.

 Dominique (who has been working in Italy) and Helga Bein who is one of our new Sunday School teachers for the YSAs and a good friend to us all.

 Bishop Thomas Lex with Clara and Stephan who just got engaged a couple weeks ago and will get married in July!

 This is Morgan Cooley who just arrived from Idaho to study here in Graz for one semester. She is lots of fun.

 This is on our drive up to Vienna for a meeting and interviews with Pres. Kohler.

 The trees were all frosted and beautiful.

 I just can't help myself to take pics out the window.

 After our meetings we met up with Amrei, Lukas at their apartment and their friend Anna. We had a great discussion about the Gospel. Lukas made us yummy apple strudel. 

 Anna, Amrei and Lukas. They all want to know more!!!!

 Isn't this the cutest house ever?? Sorry about the glare but I took this picture from a picture in Amrei's photo album. This house is her Aunt's house in Sweden.(Ava Muhlberger's sister) They all went there for Christmas. Kinda wish we could have gone, ha ha. I just want to see more of this darling house and know better the people who live inside.

 Elder and Sister Tew in our Trachten suits.

 We took more pics out the window during our drive up to Munich, Germany for Mission Tour with the Kohlers and Elder Patrick Kearon of the Seventy. We drove up with Elder and Sister Wade who serve in Klagunfurt. We zoomed up on this fortress  on the hill.

 A couple pics of the beautiful Alps.

 This is our view out our hotel window in Munich.

 The Wades and the Tews

 We had to stop in for a treat at the bakery. Lots of different kinds of Krapfen.

 Inside St. Peter's Church. 

 This view is the backside and courtyard of the amazing Munich City Hall.

 Another picture there in the courtyard.

 This elevator in our hotel says it can hold 5 people but I DON'T THINK SO. Could they make elevators any smaller? This is how most of them are in Europe to conserve space.

 Most of the missionaries in our mission were here for this conference and going down the stairs to lunch to the cultural hall after our morning meeting was fun. Sister Kohler spoke to us on Obedience and President Kohler talked to us about "Consistant Persistance in Faith and Dilligence" It was wonderful and very uplifting. 

 After lunch President Kohler had us all stand to sing "Called to Serve" in German to thank the nice ladies that provided lunch for all the missionaries. 

 How glorious to be a part of this fantastic group of missionaries here in the Alpenländische Mission (Alpine German Speaking Mission) We are so blessed with hearts full. Later Elder Kearon gave a wonderful presentation on how to be better missionaries. We choose to be obedient, we choose to be happy. Always start our day with Power of Prayer!!

 The Kohlers after a long but amazing day!! We are so blessed to have them here.

 Our friends the Smiths serving in Salzburg, the Tews serving in Graz with Elder Plumb who served  with both of us couples. 

 That night several of us senior couples went out for burgers. The McCormacks found this place because it reminds them of home. Yummm.

 On the way out of Munich I had to snap this amazing building.

We arrived back in Graz for our ward Fasching Costume Party a little late after our Munich trip. Alot of the people had already left but I managed to get a few pics.

This is Jörg Hoffman and his daughter Anna-Lena.

Superman and Lois Lane finally showed up.

Elder Wasden grew up in Laie, Hawaii (his dad teaches at BYU Hawaii) so it was fitting that he wrap his companions bed sheet around his rolled up pants and come in his native dress!?  Elder Mitchell's mom sent him the batman gear. So this is what Batman looks like as a missionary!!

Superbaby and Superman!

Livia Hirschmann

The next day, Saturday Feb 14th, was the Baptism of John Bassa. Since the small Branch of Brück an der Mur does not have a baptism font, they come to our Graz Church and we get to participate with them. This is Elder Oviatt, John, and Elder Pyle.  

Since it was Valentines Day, Elder Tew took me up to Schlossberg to walk around and see the views that we love of Graz.

Then to a delicious dinner at the Sacher Resturant just down from the City Hall. He didn't have reservations and all of the tables were reserved but somehow this one was open right at that moment. Another tender mercy!

We met such a great faithful member of the church from Brück at John's baptism and on Sunday for his Confirmation. Sister Cseh (her husband was Hungarian and pronounced Chee) She and I imediately became good friends. And... her English is great. She has such a strong spirit about her and I loved being with this 85 year old Angel.

Stephan is the next candidate for Baptism hopefully in March. He first came to the church because he was interested in doing family history and the now Brück Elders are teaching him the lessons.

I think the whole season of Fasching is about eating Krapfen. They are jelly or cream filled pastries. And when Fasching is over, so are the Krapfen. This is the Branch President of the Brück an der Mur Branch- Pres. Scheuch. All of the leadership in this Branch is from our Graz ward and they travel the 45 minutes to Bruck to serve. Also some of our members go there to give support. Alot of the Graz ward have taken a turn for at least 2-3 years at a time to serve there.

Brother Schatz now serves as a counselor in our ward Bishopric but before that he was the Branch President of Brück for 10 years. He loves to take us missionaries on hikes through the forests, and for lunch after to his favorite restaurants. His wife passed away 11 years ago.

It was our P-day and beautiful weather. What a fun group!

We took the street car to get back to where we parked our car.

Tuesday Feb. 17th was the Fasching Holiday and parade downtown Graz. We got there too late from our District Meeting for the parade but we did see some interesting characters. Can you find a balloon that you like?

Everyone loves to dress up in costumes. We found this group line dancing in the street.

They also love their picture taken in costume. Oh dear! 

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So if Fasching involves LOTS of pastries I am guessing it's Rick's FAVORITE holiday?!!! :) Mabel said she likes the Hello Kitty balloon the best. You two look happy, thank you for serving so diligently, it is a great example to us!!!