Saturday, January 3, 2015


 This posting is dedicated to the New Year and I know it is going to be another great year! It is what we make of it! So... here are a couple more pics of the fireworks outside our window!

 We have so much to be grateful for!!  2014 was very good to us and our family and we wish you all a joyous and blessed 2015.

 At 12:15am our bell rang and it was our sweet neighbor Val coming to wish us a Happy New Year by giving us two little glass good luck pigs to start the year off right.

 Our two pigs from last year were a bit confused by the additions of Val's pigs and the pink one that we bought.

 But... now they have embraced them. Since we had such a good year last year with many incredible events, we know that we are off to a good start for 2015.  For some reason beyond us, pigs are supposed to bring good luck! Hmmmmm.

 Later in the morning of New Year's Day, Horst and Edith Pail invited us over to watch the fabulous Vienna Phiharmonic Orchestra Annual New Year's Day Concert with them on their TV. I took these pics while we watched.
 For over 2 hours we were enthralled by the spendid music and venue. They also showed beautiful footage of the city of Vienna and surrounding area during the music. 
 They mostly played music from the three Strauss composers but also some Mozart and others.

 Sister Pail fixed us this traditional Austrian New Year's meal of red cabbage, roast pork and Knoedel, which is like a boiled dumpling which she sliced and fried.

 Good times with these great friends. They always seem to take care of us.

These are the good luck pigs we gave to them this year. (you might think that we gave them one of ours, but not so)

 "Much Luck" Austrians delight in good luck items.

 I think this beautiful white peacock at the Schloss could bring good luck don't you?

 This is the inside courtyard of Schloss Eggenberg in Winter. (I just thought it made a nice picture)

The pig and the Tews bid farewell to this posting and may you be happy and look for the good in all that you do this year. Happy 2015 and May the Lord Bless you to have peace, joy and much love in your lives. Take Care, we love you.

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Lindsey said...

Yay! What a fun New Years! I like all the pigs!