Friday, August 15, 2014

Awesome August!

 This is Sissy from Madagascar and is working as a nanny about 2 hours away from Graz. She is a member of the Church and was here for a weekend visiting friends when she saw the missionaries on the train. We helped her get to where she needed to be and then she came with the Sisters to church on Sunday.

 The girl on the left is Harmony who was here for a few weeks from the US but is now in Wien where she will work as a nanny. Elder Tew is goofing off while playing games at FHE and the next one is Sister Threlkeld our newest Sister that got transferred in. Next to her is Phillip Suppan who is getting married next month to Lilly who is working in Munich. Phillip and Lilly are a great couple and we are so happy for them.

 We were downtown last week and took this street pic. Notice the outdoor resturant seating for the cafes.

 We met Bro. Hanselmayer for lunch.

 I like to snap pics of buildings while Elder Tew is driving. For some reason this was one of them.

 Birthdays for this part of the month were: Bro, M├╝hlberger...

 both Edith and Horst Pail...

 ...and Justin, our son-in-law. Love skype!  Don't know what we would do whithout it! We have more birthdays coming up, in fact today is our granddaughter Katie's 8th birthday and her Baptism is tomorrow.  Our grandson Jaren turns 11 on the 26th. Hopefully we can get pics.

 Games during the birthday celebration for the Pails.

 Very rarely do we get to eat out at a resturant but so far this month Bro. Hanselmayer has treated us twice. His wife Eva is very nice also.

 I thought I would show you want we ate. Yummm... Special styrish baked chicken called Backhendl.

 Oh wow!  And this my friends, is Dessert!!!  "Salzburger Knocherln"  

 Turns out it is mostly baked flavored egg whites which we all enjoyed especially you know who!!

Here's the live action play by play desserting!

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Megan Hansen said...

Yes, I do know who ;) Been a while since I've been on, and I'm loving every minute of it. Thank you for posting all this. Love you's!